Women Empowerment Cell


Dr. M. Yasoda Devi, Lecturer in Hindi


Dr. T.A. Thirumalamma, Lecturer in Zoology

K.Saradamma, Lecturer in English

E.  Sujatamma, Lecturer in Botany


  1. WEC Co-coordinator and members visited Amudalagondi Z.P.H. School and conducted a awareness programme on  sanitary pads and distribute the pads among girl students of the Z.P.H. School on 04-01-2019.
  2. WEC Co - coordinator with girl students was visiting the Old age home and distribute the meals and fruits to them on 17-02-2019.
  3. WEC Coordinator, members and girl students organized a rally in the village C. Kodigepalli and conduct a meeting about awareness of nutritious food for children and pregnant ladies on 5-1-2019.
  4. WEC Members conducted a competition on Rangoli in S.Y.T.R. Degree College on 19-02-2019.
  5. In College, WEC celebrate the “ National Girl Child Week celebrations” on 22-01- 2019.
  6. WEC organized a awareness programme of Good touch-Bad Touch 6-02-2019.