To impart higher education with quality and provide passport to the students for global citizenship.


  • To enlighten the hidden potentiality of the students by elite teaching
  • To reinforce them for expressive
  • To inculcate virtues and remind the Motto of the college”Enter to learn-Leave to serve”
  • To dedicate for the societal transformation of knowledge and wisdom
  • To impart high quality in the best available sources
  • To promote the social responsibilities
  • To uplift them by thought provoking ideas
  • To update them technically as the MNCs expect those skills
  • To mould them good citizens to the Nation
  • To sanctify them with all concrete measures
  • To exenterate their hidden thoughts by all rectifiable ways
  • To inculcate them and pervade their true spiritual strength
  • To prepare and aware them time to time
  • To fill the dynamism and eradicate their weak-spirited.


  • To illuminate the meaning of life, teach the principle of “live and let others live” as responsible citizen, and make them realize the great Indian culture.
  • To make the young minds a versatile and multi-skilled.
  • To follow the latest and the most current trends in teaching and learning.
  • To encourage how to survive and enlighten.
  • To teach the need based syllabus and foster research abilities among the learners.
  • To conduct parents meet, at regular intervals, for the betterment of the students